“We had to flee through bombs and bullets. We never thought we would get out of Mosul alive.”

As the battle to liberate Mosul intensifies, tens of thousands are fleeing Iraq’s second city for safety elsewhere in the country. Half of them are children.

Your help is urgently needed to ensure that families fleeing the violence receive life-saving healthcare and emergency supplies.


Today, countless families are being forced to flee their homes in and around Mosul, braving terrifying journeys on foot to reach safety away from the city. Many have had to navigate mines, missiles and indiscriminate gunfire.

As the battle continues, even more families will make the difficult choice of abandoning their home for an uncertain future as a refugee in their own country. With 3.3 million internally displaced people (IDPs) to care for already – that’s 10% of the entire population of Iraq – authorities are warning of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.



Five-year-old Norhan and her younger sister Wrood were playing outside their home in Mosul when an explosion rocked the street, sending shrapnel flying everywhere. “They were lying covered in blood,” said their mother, Samar. “When we saw the shrapnel wounds, we knew we had to get them to a doctor quickly.”

The family made a desperate bid to escape the city, dodging sniper fire and bomb blasts. Sadly, Norhan’s sister soon succumbed to her injuries. “We kept getting lost. Wrood was getting weaker and weaker. We finally reached the Iraqi soldiers but Wrood bled to death shortly afterwards.”

Today, Norhan is being treated in Shikhan Hospital – a frontline hospital currently supported by AMAR. She is stable, and with the right treatment, doctors expect her to make a full recovery. The traumas of her experience, however, are expected to take years to heal.


AMAR teams are already on the ground, working to ensure that families like Norhan’s receive critical healthcare and supplies. Our mobile health teams are out visiting displaced families across the region, and we have provided critical support to frontline hospitals such as Shikhan Hospital. Meanwhile, in just ten days, our team in Qaymawa Camp (formerly Zelikan Camp) constructed, equipped and opened a primary healthcare centre including a maternal health unit, laboratory, pharmacy and multiple consulting rooms. Since opening, doctors here have been treating up to 200 patients a day.

But we need to do more. From the distribution of life-saving hygiene kits and providing mothers with nappies for their babies, to delivering warm clothes and blankets and administering vaccinations, AMAR seeks to ensure that residents fleeing the city receive the help they so urgently need.

But we can’t do this without you. Please help support children like Norhan today.


How can I help?

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    could vaccinate 8 children against life-threatening diseases such as polio, measles and cholera

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    could provide a mother with nappies for her baby

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    will help provide a family with a hygiene kit including soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, disinfectant and shampoo

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    will help provide a family with a set of warm winter blankets

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    will help support health visits to 30 displaced families

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    could pay for an ambulance driver for one month

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